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My Story About Microsoft

Hello Viewers,

       My story about Me & Microsoft - Microsoft Student Associates [MSA].

About Myself:

         I am very glad to introduce myself using this opportunity in my own blog. Myself LAKSHMI NARAYANAN PARTHASARATHI, also I have a pet name VIGNESH. I was Born in KARUR (Tamil: கரூர்), TAMIL NADU, At present I am living in SALEM. I am Studying my PG Course Master of Computer Application (MCA), in PAAVAI ENGINEERING COLLEGE, NAMAKKAL. I have did my UG course in bachelor of COMPUTER SCIENCE (BSC-CS). My Strength is that I am a Smart worker rather then the hard working. I have to improve my leadership quality, So I grab this opportunity by registered for Microsoft Studend Associates (MSA).

 My Childhood - Present Days With Computers:

        Once, when I was studying 2nd standard, for the first time I got an opportunity to use the computer, When I start the computer I was amazed about the starting icon of WINDOWS. Then my teacher gave me a detailed information about the computer, And also she tells us about the father of computer (charles babbage) the real genius, Then time allowed me a full opportunity to utilize & use the computer to learn more about it,.
        I love computers, also WINDOWS, I have used Windows XP, 7 and at present am using Windows 8.1, As like the technology improved, I am very eager to learn more about it.

Windows & Myself:

      This Windows just enlighten my life,. first of all I used my computers for playing games & watching movies, But now I am a WINDOWS PHONE APP DEVELOPER. I have developed 4 Apps for Windows Phone 8 & 8.1 so far. Also I have participated in the Photo Contest named "I LOVE MICROSOFT".

       I have attend Windows AZURE Boot camp, Windows Phone boot camp Remotely in my college,. May be it helps me a lot to develop Apps for windows,. I feel very proud to have my Apps in the Windows Phone App store.      

       Recently I have attended the //Publish/ Event at Bangalore. There I have learned more details about the quality of App, it helps me a lot, After Attend this event I have published an App named "DINOSAUR ENCYCLOPEDIA", It has reached 2000+ downloads within 15 days, It's all because of Windows Event.

       Link for my Windows Phone App Store: 

       I always admired about a person, not only me also everyone admired about him, he is the man of hard work and intelligence, he is one & only my hero the BILL GATES. 

Me As MSA:
      I am feeling deep pleasure to work for Bill gates. As I have mentioned above I am a smart worker rather than the hard work. So I working as an App developer for windows Phone, now I am grab this Opportunity to get very close with Microsoft as MICROSOFT STUDENT ASSOCIATES (MSA).

                                          MICROSOFT JUST ENLIGHTEN MY LIFE !
                                                                    THANK YOU.


  1. Hi Folks,
    This is a Contest for MSA selection on the basis of more comments, shares & Likes on FB & Twitter, So Please give me your supports with comments & shares. Thank U.

  2. All the best dude....................:-)

  3. Very good. My blessings always with U.

  4. All the best for your selection

  5. Awesome initiative bro! Hit ur goal like a raging bull��

  6. All the best for ur success.....


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